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Hi, my name is Andy Bishop, I have lived with a disgnosis of Bipolar Affective Disorder since 2008 when I was a serving soldier in the Royal Engineers.

Because of my job and a stigma that I created I refused to accept that I was not well.

This led to me doing what a lot of men do and bottling everything up.

Along with my uniform, I wore a mask to cover the chink in my armour.

I only ever displayed two emotions -angry or happy.

This led to a suicide attempt shortly after leaving the service.

I discovered, by accident, that ’it’s not weak to speak’ and that by talking about what troubles us we can tame the black dog.

In October 2019 I set up the ’ManGang’ which is a free peer support group for men. We provide a safe space for men to talk about their problems, issues and concerns whatever they may be in a no judgemental environment.

To date we have helped over 200 men from all walks of life come to terms with and cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Andy Bishop
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