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James is a UKCP and ACPP accredited Core Process Psychotherapist, mental health writer and Co-founder of the British mental health initiative Safely Held Spaces. He also works part-time as a Senior Television Producer for Sky News.

James specialises in helping people heal from post-traumatic stress and complex trauma and sexual abuse.

Through his work with Safely Held Spaces he supports the families and loved ones of those experiencing altered states or who are hearing voices (also known as psychosis & schiozphrenia). He also regulalry faciliates broadcast media training for mental health professionals in the UK, encouraging a broader and more inclusive range of voices to speak about their mental health experiences in the mainstream media.

James also specialises in lucid dreaming and trauma-affected sleep work, and regulalry co-faclitates workshops with one of the world's leading specialists in the field, Charlie Morley. James has worked with serving military personnel and veterans from the UK, the United States and Israel, and was recently invited to speak as part of Reuters mental health programme.

James is passionate about moving beyond medical diagnosis as a way of framing people's experiences of mental and emotional distress, and to instead find ways of reframing their experiences in ways that lead to spiritual growth and personal transformation.

Outside of his work in mental health, James is also a marathon runner and has recenty begun training as a Kum Nye instructor, a form of gentle Tibetan yoga.