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Sanisha Wynter

Specialisms: Mental Health, Bordeline Personality Disorder, Depression, Diversity and Inclusion, LGBT+ and Disability Accessibility

Sanisha identifies as a Black bi cis woman who lives and thrives with borderline personality disorder and depression. She is a Time to Change champion, and she aims to support others by sharing her lived experience of her mental health conditions and her journey to recovery.


Sanisha is committed to raising awareness of barriers to mental health access and support to diverse communities.

Sanisha Wynter is a Diversity and Inclusion Consultant. Sanisha has worked in various roles in the charity sector, aiming to further inclusion and advocate for marginalised people in the workplace and communities. She has developed empowerment programmes and guidance on race equity, LGBT inclusion and disability accessibility.


Sanisha enjoys uplifting young peoples' voices, empowering workplaces to be accessible and supports national campaigns for girls and young women. In 2019,  Sanisha was listed as a bi icon of the UK LGBT charity Stonewall.

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