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Aishat Idris

Specialisms: Money Management and Financial Literacy

With over two decades of dedicated service in the charity sector, Aishat has garnered invaluable experience, spending more than half of that time in prominent roles as a Finance Director.

Presently, she spearheads a bookkeeping and account services practice, with a primary focus on collaborating with nonprofit organizations.

Aishat's professional journey is driven by an unwavering passion for effective money management. Her mission extends beyond providing financial management services, as she is committed to alleviating the financial strain on single mothers and advocating for financial literacy among black young adults.

Drawing from her personal experience of raising children in a single-parent household, she recently authored the book 'Money Solutions for Single Mums.' Beyond her professional pursuits, Aishat carries a deep sense of empathy and understanding, having navigated the challenges of a child's mental health breakdown within her family.

Aishat possesses a keen awareness of the influence that financial concerns can exert on mental well-being, and vice versa. This understanding shapes her into an empathetic advocate and a valuable resource for effective money management.

Her distinctive mix of professional expertise and personal resilience positions her as an inspirational speaker, offering authenticity and valuable insights to her audience.

Aishat Idris

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