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Ben Akers

Specialisms: Suicide Prevention, Mental Health, Creativity

Ben is a Multi-Award-Winning Filmmaker and Problem Solver.

He has spent over 20 years working in some of the world’s best Advertising Agencies in London and Sydney before he decided to use his evil powers for good and began working in Sustainability and Behaviour Change.  

He is the Co-Founder of Made With, a problem-solving collective; GoodFest, a Creative Festival for Good in Cornwall and Talk Club, a Talking and Listening Movement for men.


Ben’s recent journey in mental health awareness, began in May 2014 when he lost his childhood best friend, Steve Yates, to suicide. After years of dealing with his own grief, Ben decided to channel his energy to create the Changementary “Steve” - which he toured around pubs and sports clubs, talking to thousands of men in their own environment. 


From here, he Co-Founded Talk Club, a behaviour-changing movement that encourages men, of all walks of life, to talk openly about their feelings and worries with the aim of proactively staying on top of their mental fitness. It all begins with the simple question: How are you? Out of 10? 

Ben Akers

+44 208 123 8250


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