We are privileged to work with inspirational and passionate members; our community is important to us. We want to grow  our membership, whilst ensuring that those who join us are committed to our mission and our values and working with us adds value to you and your work.

As we are a community and to make the most of being with us, there is an expectation that you attend/take part (either personally or online) at least two sessions over the year of your membership. By joining us you also agree to sign up to Our Pledge.

There are two types of membership;

  • Community Member - £30 per annum

  • Speaker Member - £50 per annum

Whilst we appreciate you may be an experienced speaker, you will need to become a Community Members first as all our Speaker Members have to be observered speaking publicly via another Member before being added to the website.  

Speaker Members are the only members of the collective who feature on the website and are offered out for work. There is never any guarantee that work will be forthcoming as this is purely driven by enquiries and by client choice. Speaker members pay a 10% referral fee in addition to membership to the Collective when work is received via us.

Community Member Application Form

Tell us a bit more about yourself and why you would like to become a Speakers Collective Community Member?

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