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Jon Salmon,
Specialisms: Mental Health, Suicide Prevention, Neurodiversity and Dyslexia

Jon has created an award-winning production studio, which provides live video streaming from some of the world’s largest music festivals. He is also co-founder of creative agency Byte Entertainment.


After losing his father to suicide as a teenager, Jon was later sectioned with stress and depression. For almost 20 years, he told no one. In 2016, after losing a friend to suicide following postnatal depression, he decided to speak out in the most public way (alongside the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge at the launch of the Heads Together campaign). Jon now speaks openly on how awareness and reducing stigma can save lives. 

Jon also speaks openly about his dyslexia, the shame of his late diagnosis and the realisation that thinking slightly differently has enabled him to have a diverse and successful creative career.  Jon is passionate about sharing his own lived experience of being neurodiverse to support organisations and other individuals in understanding the positive traits of being dyslexic.

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