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Lou O'Connell MBE

Specialisms: Mental health, wellbeing, late diagnosis ADHD in women

Experiences of numerous bereavements in childhood and early adulthood led Lou to develop an understanding of how to effectively help and support others manage adversity.

Her journey has seen her serve 28+ years in the British Army (including 4operational tours), volunteering with several charities and training in many therapeutic modalities.

In 2015 Lou was awarded an MBE in the Queens New Year's Honours list for her work with bereaved military families. This award simultaneously embarrasses her and validates her priorities and choices made along the way.

In the summer of 2021, Lou qualified as a mental health nurse with First Class Honours during the global Coronavirus pandemic. Spending a bit of time with the NHS before moving into Higher Education to support university students navigate their studies alongside diagnoses of mental health conditions.

Towards the end of 2022, after about a year of navigating menopause, Lou received an educational diagnosis of ADHD. This was a surprise at the time, however, it soon started to feel as if a number of pieces of her life were starting to fit together. Since this time she gone on to received a medical diagnosis, trained as an ADHD coach and is in the process of writing a book aimed at supporting other late diagnosed women. This is the book she wished she could have read at the beginning of her journey to learning about how to navigate her life with this new found knowledge.

Throughout all of her careers she has supported a diverse range of client groups, including members of the LGBTQ+ community, bereaved children and adults, military personnel, university students and young people at risk of offending.

Lou believes that we all have gifts to give the world. Regardless of whatever has happened in our lives, we deserve to thrive in life, not just drag ourselves through each day.

Her style has been described as "a breath of fresh air, honest, straight-talking, down to earth, humorous yet compassionate (and sometimes a bit sweary)".

When not studying or working, you can find her out walking. with the love of her life her chocolate Sprocker Spaniel Spud.

Lou O'Connell MBE

+44 208 123 8250


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