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Diane Porterfield

Specialisms: Menopause, Neurodiversity, Hormones, Relationships, Health

Diane has run Bourne2care for over 10 years and has been a Registered Nurse for over 35 years.

Bourne2care is a private nurse led menopause service providing consultations and training, which is based around the West Midlands.

Her consultations are predominantly online; therefore, Bourne2care can reach more women, prescribing them HRT and arranging investigations. They are based within the UK but consult with women all over the world.

Some women prefer face to face appointments and these clinics are based within Worcestershire. She writes and delivers training on all aspects of menopause which has been delivered to NHS trusts, small national and large international organisations.

She’s previously provided consultancy for Holland & Barrett and the Admiral Group. She's been fortunate to have spoken on TV and radio about the menopause and written articles for online magazines.

Diane has a special interest in supporting Neurodivergent (ND) women. Many women will not have been assessed for Autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia etc but have known most of their lives that something wasn’t quite right.

Many women had learnt to cope; that it until the menopause. The hormonal changes can be very significant, leading to more anxiety, depression, feeling less able to cope or understand why they can’t deal with work and family life.

Diane provides tail made menopause/HRT consultations to help ND women. Diane teaches healthcare professionals about ND and Menopause, provides ongoing support for ADHD specialists, is registered with National Autistic Society and is involved with training and research into ND and the Menopause.

Diane has travelled the world nursing, was a finalist in Nursing Times Awards and has a wealth of health experience.

Diane tailor’s individual consultations to help ND women feel safe and supported. Her consultations and training explore how menopausal symptoms impact ND women at work and provides practical advice for managers and women who are diagnosed or undiagnosed ND.

Diane Porterfield

+44 208 123 8250


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