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Dr Cheryl Cooper

Specialisms: Cybersecurity- Network Cyber Resilience, Women in Technology, Strategies to Build Inclusive Teams

Dr. Cheryl Cooper, a US Naval Veteran, holds a Doctorate in Computer Science and Information Assurance.

She is a Cybersecurity Thought Leader, and former Business Information Security Officer with 25 years of service with a major fortune 50 company. She has earned a host of industry certifications and is a Cybersecurity and Technology professor.

Dr. Cooper is a seasoned keynote speaker who connects with audiences by providing candid insight into how the “Hood” made her, the importance of mentors, allies, and the representation of the woman, more dire the woman of color and underrepresented groups in STEM. Dr. Cooper is the recipient of multiple awards including the Central Exchange Midwest award for being a woman’s champion and bridge builder, and the receipt of the Golden Royalties, Martin Luther King, Jr. Award, for “Keeping the Dream Alive” in education and community service.

Empowerment through choice is not the only theme in her book or presentations. As a Black woman, Dr. Cooper understands all to well what happens to Black and Brown women trying to get ahead without a mentor. Frustrated by the lack of engagement from those who could be role models and mentors for the young people in her community led to her formation of her non-profit. She will be what she didn’t see and will pass the baton of empowerment to those who can run with it to thrive.

An esteemed and well respected professional and mentor, Dr. Cooper also adds author to her resume. Her memoir, Hood to Hooded, was released in February 2023 and is available on Amazon.

Dr Cheryl Cooper

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