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Dr Heather McKee

Specialisms: Habit change, behaviour change, digital behaviour change

Dr Heather McKee is known as Europe’s leading lifestyle behaviour change specialist, keynote speaker, and founder.

Having studied health behaviour change psychology for 10 years, her mission is to offer a sustainable, evidence-based alternative to an industry saturated with quick fixes and health fads.

Globally she has worked with over 100+ companies in 15+ industries to create evidence-based wellness programs, deliver keynote talks on how to create a sustainable lifestyle change and help people find joy in their healthy habits. Past clients include lululemon,, Starbucks, Rituals, Unilever, HSBC, and Sainsbury's.

Dr McKee’s research has been published internationally in leading academic journals, as well as featuring in Time magazine, Vogue, Huffington Post, The Times, and LA Times.

She speaks on;

Sticky Habits - the method to make your wellbeing, productivity and life goals stick.

How to make space for wellbeing when there is none - how to scale our habits so they can work in the context of our busy lives.

The time advantage - how to use behavioural science to reclaim your time and energy so you can get what matters to you most done, and done well.

How to make digital products that stick - how to harness the power of behavioural science that leads to lasting engagement in your product or service.

Dr Heather McKee

+44 208 123 8250


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