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Emma Saccomani

Specialisms: Workplace, general mental health, roles, responsibilities and boundaries.

I’m on a mission to get workplaces, communities and families to have confident mental health conversations and be inspired to take small but powerful steps for others and their own self-care.

As a Learning and Development professional with 25 years in the corporate world I deliver evidence-based/informed training (including Mental Health First Aid) and customise training options according to the roles, responsibilities and operational challenges.

When it comes to leadership, cultures, teams and re-structures, I’ve experienced the best and the worst of the corporate world and want to inspire participants to influence in an empowering and positive away!

My volunteering experience as facilitator and trustee with a local mental health charity and member of an NHS working group around suicide immersed me in the diversity and complexity of mental health challenges. But my overriding message is the power of connection, peer support and non-judgemental listening.

Whether we’re supporting others or ourselves we can all contribute not ‘in spite of’, but because of our challenges!

And what got me into this whole area? My own often terrifying rollercoaster journey supporting my teenage daughter through intense mental health challenges. I learned that we can’t ‘fix’ other people but along the recovery journey, we can provide practical support and hope in a way that respects their unique needs.

Mental health might be a serious topic but we are allowed to have fun while we learn!

Emma Saccomani

+44 208 123 8250


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