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Harry Corin

Specialisms: mental health, suicide, suicide prevention, male mental health, modern masculinity, self care, hope, student mental health

At the age of 12 Harry lost his father to suicide. As a child, Harry felt a heavy burden on his shoulders - in his head he could never rid the association of suicide. Much of this was caused by a blame culture that surrounded his father’s passing, a lack of understanding around suicide, and the way national newspaper articles reported the story of his father’s death.

As a result, Harry decided to hide his true life from everyone that he met. Harry created a fake version of himself, which meant that he never had to tell anyone the truth. This destructive cycle and facade continued for over decade. 

Harry, now in his mid-20’s is determined that nobody has to suffer in silence. Harry openly reflects on his journey and the impacts caused by not opening up.

Harry shares insight into the damaging forms of masculinity that he played up to and his resistance to accessing support services. Most importantly, Harry shares his story through a true narrative of hope and kindness. For Harry,kindness is central to our individual and collective mental health.

Harry was published on the InsideOut Leaderboard 2020 for his willingness to speak out about his own lived experience in the workplace – Harry shared his story to colleagues for the first time in 2018.

He has gone on to co-lead the introduction of 200 mental health first aiders to his organisation, and now leads on international brand campaigns on mental health.

Harry Corin

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