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Holly Sutcliffe

Specialisms: Neurodivergence, Being a Carer/Parenting, Education, Collective Care, Self-Acceptance

Holly is a neurodivergent advocate who works with neurodivergent families using yoga, spirituality, embodiment and somatic therapy for liberation.

As an educator with experience of all ages and in many different roles, a late-diagnosed autistic and the main parent/carer for her disabled daughter, Holly draws on a wide range of personal and professional experience to campaign for and promote neurodivergent acceptance and joy.

Holly believes it is possible for neurodivergent folk to live happy, actualised and accepted lives but that there is much work to be done societally, culturally and institutionally before this is possible (including the intersectionality with race, gender, trans, queer, disability and other issues, rights and prejudices).

Holly also lives with PTSD - like many neurodivergent folk - and is trauma-informed through her yoga and somatic work. She speaks with honesty, clarity and from the heart in order to shed light on her own experience, of living life on her own terms and the benefits - and challenges - that brings.

Her work with families aims to raise the importance of acceptance and joy to create lasting connections for neurodivergent families who can struggle to 'fit in' to a neurotypical world.

Holly Sutcliffe

+44 208 123 8250


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