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Jonathan Hirons

Specialisms: Aphasia, coming back from life changing conditions

In 2019, filmmaker Jonathan Hirons suffered a brain bleed that caused Aphasia, a condition that severely affected his ability to read, write, and speak, halting his working life.

Jonathan rebuilt his life after rehabilitation, culminating in the release of a documentary.

The documentary exposes the hidden nature of Aphasia and lack of support available after initial rehabilitation. Following the journeys of three people to demonstrate that strokes can affect anyone.

Jonathan crowdfunded and released the documentary in 2022. He is now using it to raise awareness with UK organizations such as the NHS, speech therapists, and Carers UK.

He aims to promote knowledge and expertise in Aphasia among health professionals, caring organizations and the wider public. Additionally, he aims to assist organizations working with new technology in this area e.g. apps and AI.

Aim to highlight the general ignorance about the condition, the lack of support after rehabilitation, and the work of charities and carers.

By creating a resource about Aphasia based on the project outcomes, the intention is for it to grow into a resource that can be used throughout the UK, and globally.

He also has a podcast called On the tip of my tongue which talks about living with Aphasia in all it aspects

Jonathan Hirons

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