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Julia Engelhorn

Specialisms: Parent Bereavement

I was born in Switzerland to a Spanish mother and a German father, the second of four sisters, an upbringing that forged a profound family bond within me.

Following my studies in Hotel Management and Tourism in Scotland, I delved into the dynamic world of startups while working for the Family Investment company. This period exposed me to a diverse array of projects and allowed me to connect with individuals from various walks of life.

In 2007, I married my first husband and lived in Spain for a while. The arrival of our first son in 2009 marked a new chapter in our lives. Seeking fresh opportunities, we made the decision to relocate to Cape Town, South Africa, in 2012.

As a dedicated mother, my focus intensified, particularly after the birth of our twins in 2013. The challenges of raising three young children alone, as my husband frequently travelled to Spain, fostered my independence and self-reliance. Unfortunately, our marriage, already fragile, ultimately led to a difficult separation, and our divorce was finalized in 2015.

Tragically, in retaliation for the divorce, my ex-husband took the lives of our twins on April 6th, 2017. The ensuing years became a journey through the obscure and draining depths of grief. Thankfully, the unwavering support of my family and friends, coupled with the therapeutic power of art and nature, provided solace.

Faced with a lack of resources for parents navigating similar heartbreak, I embarked on the writing of my book, "Precious Scars," detailing my journey and the coping mechanisms that guided me. The process of writing proved cathartic, solidifying my resolve to assist other parents grappling with the loss of their children to violent crime.

In 2020, I relocated to England with my second husband and our children. Here, I continue to engage in creative projects and actively promote "Precious Scars." Additionally, I have immersed myself in charitable endeavours focused on supporting bereaved individuals, channelling my experiences into avenues that can bring comfort and understanding to those enduring similar pain.

Julia Engelhorn

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