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Kapil Gupta

Specialisms: Self Discovery, Modern Masculinity, Empathy, Emotional Intelligence, Conscious Relating, Conscious Sexuality, Masculine-Feminine Gender Dynamics

Kapil is the founder and coaching consultant at Nibana. He is a TEDx Speaker Talk: ‘Dare to be Sensitive’ and the co-author of: ‘Being FINE: the other F word’.

Kapil's background includes 15+ years of successful corporate career, an MBA from the University of Edinburgh, and a career in personal development space for 9+ years - helping executives, business leaders and entrepreneurs. He is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts.

Kapil’s journey has been about striving for success, and achievement – ticking all the boxes – in the promise that there will be happiness and fulfilment at the end of it. He found that this wasn’t the case, and like many others, he now works with, he felt stuck and unfulfilled. After his 11-year relationship broke up and divorced, he felt like a failure in relationships.

This leads him on a path of self-discovery, personal transformation, and cultivating emotional intelligence. He has since taught 1000+ people in workshops & coached more than 100 people 1-on-1.

Kapil Gupta

+44 208 123 8250


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