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Lucy Hobbs

Specialisms: Neurodiversity, ADHD, Autism, AuDHD, Neurodiversity at work, Complex PTSD, Healing from trauma, Wellbeing, Equine therapy, Creativity, Accessibility in design and communications, Neurodivergent leadership

Lucy Hobbs is a neurodivergent (Autistic and ADHD) ex-advertising creative, with 6 years’ experience in neurodiversity advocacy and public speaking.

Lucy founded The Future is ND in 2018 to champion and empower neurodiversity, and to address the lack of awareness and inclusion of neurodivergent people in the advertising and tech industries, where she had worked as a creative for 30 years.

Via The Future is ND platform Lucy hosts regular events for the creative community. Creating a safe space for NDs to raise their voices, own their narratives, empower one another to turn up as themselves and thrive. And to collectively overcome stigma and fear of discrimination.

All her work; including neurodiversity at work consultancy, keynotes, workshops and creative direction, seeks to educate and inform organisations and society on how to embrace and empower a more neurodiverse workforce and world.

Clients include: Axa Healthcare, Universal Music, Giphy US, Havas London, Publicis London, National Grid, Coca Cola, Ogilvy London, Sky and many more…

Lucy Hobbs

+44 208 123 8250


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