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Marc Convey

Specialisms: Managing Change, Overcoming Adversity (post traumatic growth). Self-Leadership, Positivity & Resilience

Welcome to the world of Marc Convey, a motivational speaker, burns survivor, and advocate for triumph over trauma.

Marc’s strong belief is that you can survive anything if you develop the inner resources to face it and forge a new path, whatever your physical limitations.

Now based in Brighton, Marc’s career has taken him from the hectic world of live poker tournaments through forming his own video production company to building a non-profit organisation focused on “working with purpose”. In his current role – as speaker, writer and spokesperson – he is telling his own story for the first time.

Marc Convey’s journey is a compelling narrative of thriving against all odds. As a 14-year-old boy, Marc was involved in a fire that left him with enduring physical and emotional scars. Instead of letting his injuries define his future, Marc made a decision very early on to manage his own recovery and leverage his experience to become a source of strength, both to himself and others.

His narrative is a powerful testament to the transformative power of post-traumatic growth, to never let anything stand in your way, to look within for the resources you need to live your own life.

Today, Marc Convey stands as a captivating and engaging speaker, traversing the globe sharing his story, insights, and the profound impact that travel has had on his perspective. His mission extends beyond his personal narrative, encompassing a commitment to raising awareness about burn injuries and advocating for creating and living a life you love.

As a poker commentator for many years, Marc has already led an extraordinary life – travelling internationally and becoming intimately involved in the strange world of high-stakes poker, where millions are won (or lost) in the turn of a card.

Marc Convey’s accident may have marked a major turning point in his life – and had a huge impact on his friends and family – but it has made him the person he is today: strong, funny, warm and inspirational.

Marc Convey

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