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Melanie Costas

Specialisms: Mental Health, Disabilities, Accessibility, Inclusion, Whole self wellbeing, Workplace Wellbeing, Cancer, Disability awareness

I am the Founder and CEO of Rural Mental Health Matters, and PIES Consultancy. PIES stands for Proactive, Inclusive, Equitable Solutions.

I built a social enterprise that is focused on ensuring access to support is inclusive, accessible, visible and equitable, at work, and in the community. With a particular focus on disabilities, and those who live in rural communities, who face unique challenges and barriers to accessing support.

I have over 30 years of personal lived experience and 23 years of professional expertise and knowledge across a diverse range of work environments. I live with both physical and mental disabilities, I'm also a breast cancer survivor.

Through Rural Mental Health Matters, and PIES Consultancy, I offer a unique & proactive Whole Self mental and physical health and wellbeing approach.

Everyone has mental health. I believe it is everyone's 'business' to address and embrace wellbeing in the workplace and the community.

Profits from PIES Consultancy will go towards tackling mental and physical health inequality in rural communities.

Melanie Costas

+44 208 123 8250


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