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Rena Zen

Specialisms: Mental Health and wellbeing, vulnerability, creative self-expression, neurodiversity , accessibility and inclusion, mum entrepreneurship, dyslexic thinking, schools and creativity, sensorial art, hidden disabilities, hard of hearing.

Rena is a hidden disabilities and neurodiverse champion, coach, mentor, speaker, and fashion designer.

As a visionary creative individual who is dyslexic and hard of hearing, Rena's journey of self-expression through artistry led her from a place of isolation to empowerment. She believes deeply in the freedom of creative self-expression, which she manifests through her brand RenaZen.

Through RenaZen, she co-creates bespoke handprinted multifunctional pieces that not only embody the stories and experiences of individuals but also serve as cherished gifts passed down through generations.

Specialising in coaching and mentoring individuals who identify or suspect they may have dyslexia, ADHD, or are hard of hearing, Rena draws from her lived experience to provide authentic support and understanding. With almost two decades of diverse experience, including roles as a nursery and primary school teacher, YogaBirth instructor, doula, childbirth educator, and fashion and textiles designer, Rena has developed a practical, multi-sensorial 'holistic' framework equipped with powerful tools to assist others in navigating life's challenges with ease and confidence.

Rena's vision is to transform lives by connecting with individuals on their unique journey, empowering them to embrace their autonomy and unleash their inherent strengths, their ‘super ability’. Her guidance fosters clarity, confidence, and purpose, celebrating individuality and enabling individuals to pursue their dreams authentically.

Currently, Rena works extensively across various sectors, including women, mothers, parents, educators, and individuals, aiming to enhance accessibility for neurodiverse pupils, creatives, and entrepreneurs through workshops, events, and speaking engagements. 

Through her efforts, Rena ensures that everyone, regardless of their hidden disability or neurodiversity, has the opportunity to thrive.

Rena Zen

+44 208 123 8250


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