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Rob Stephenson

Specialisms: Mental Health, Mental illness, Stigma, wellbeing in the workplace, Leadership, Bipolar, Resilience, Burn Out

Rob Stephenson is an international keynote speaker, campaigner and wellbeing consultant who is on a mission to help create happier, healthier and higher performing workplaces. He experiences bipolar disorder personally.

Rob is the founder of InsideOut, a social enterprise with the mission of smashing the stigma of mental ill-health in the workplace by showcasing senior leader role models with lived experiences of mental ill-health. This is done by virtue of a published annual list – The InsideOut LeaderBoard. As a consultant, Rob works with Boards and senior leadership teams on the design and implementation of an integrated wellbeing strategy.

Rob is the CEO of FormScore, a revolutionary technology start up helping people to monitor their mental health using a score out of ten with a mobile app to help friends, family and colleagues support each other.

Rob is co-founder of the InsideOut Awards and G24, the world’s first global 24-hour mental health summit.

In his keynote talks, Rob inspires audiences to think differently about mental health and wellbeing.

“Rob is an incredible speaker who blends his amazing personal journey with a genuine call to action to create mentally healthy workplaces around the world. He is always a joy to deal with and has the ability to stop an audience in their tracks with his honesty and purpose that brings a unique and tailored perspective to our conferences.” Chris Cummings, CEO, Wellbeing @ Work Events

Rob Stephenson

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