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Runa Begum Uddin

Specialisms: Lived experience: Complex trauma, anxiety, depression, binge eating disorder. Workplace wellbeing: Employee mental health, Anti-stigma initiatives, Suicide Awareness, Intersectionality and mental health

Runa is a seasoned professional in the mental health space with over 25 years of diverse experience.

Her personal journey through complex trauma, anxiety, depression, and binge eating disorder has not only reshaped her career but ignited a profound passion to humanise the dialogue surrounding mental health and well-being. In every endeavour, Runa strives to create safety and inclusivity.

As an advocate for mental health, Runa wears multiple hats – a trainer, facilitator, suicide first aid instructor, first aid in mental health instructor, and a creator of personalised content. A warm and engaging speaker, she shares her own journey, offering insights and inspiration to those facing similar challenges. Her speaking engagements cover various topics, including loneliness, suicide awareness, coping with tough times, stress management, and burnout. Noteworthy events include those hosted by Siemens, Hospital Saturday Fund, Premier League, POQ Commerce, Santander, Tesco, and Capita.

Key phases of Runa's career include leading a project within the "Blue Light Programme," where she created a national commissioning framework and provided consultancy to practitioners and blue light agencies. She then contributed to Time to Change, developing a training and support program for pledged Employers across the UK, establishing mental health champion networks with clear boundaries and roles. Later, Runa created the Train the Trainer Programme to meet soaring demand.

Joining the Training and Consultancy team at Mind, a well-known mental health charity, Runa crafted impactful training programs tailored to the unique needs of each client, fostering more inclusive and supportive environments within organisations.

Currently freelancing and contracting her services, Runa continues to grow into her passion for humanising the workplace and her world and has a special interest in reaching South Asian communities. Her mission is to empower individuals to embrace their diverse lived experiences of mental health with compassion. Runa, a visionary, endeavours to break down stigmas and create spaces where authenticity and well-being thrive. Runa firmly believes that understanding and embracing one's mental health journey is crucial for unlocking the ability to contribute meaningfully to personal lives and the broader world.

In essence, Runa's story is one of pragmatic pursuit – creating a world where mental health is acknowledged and embraced with empathy and understanding. Through her varied roles, she aims to contribute to a more compassionate and inclusive future.

Runa Begum Uddin

+44 208 123 8250


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