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Shaun Flores

Specialisms: Mental Health, DEI, Neurodiversity & Masculinity Advocate

Shaun Flores is a celebrated speaker, 4x TEDx Speaker, mental health advocate, an emerging author, and a driving force for positive change.

He has earned global acclaim for his compelling journey of personal transformation, where he has harnessed his struggles with OCD and ADHD into a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

At the tender age of six, Shaun faced a life-altering moment when his father passed away on Christmas Day, leaving an indelible mark on his young soul.

Then, in 2022, a pivotal year in his life, a mental breakdown became a catalyst for change. Wrestling with an undiagnosed illness, he found himself in the depths of despair, grappling with suicidal thoughts and overwhelming hopelessness.

A profound realization struck him during this darkest hour: "I am going to change the world." From that moment on, his unwavering mission has remained unchanged: to leave the world in a better state than he found it.

His journey has equipped him with invaluable insights into millennials' mental health challenges.

This knowledge ignited a fierce determination to address this critical issue. Shaun has become a trusted advocate for diversity, inclusion, mental health, neurodiversity, and well-being.

Shaun's extraordinary story has taken centre stage on prestigious platforms worldwide, including four TEDx Talks and appearances in educational institutions and corporate settings.

Drawing from his background in modelling and influencing, he has fearlessly tackled topics such as eating disorders, addiction, the misconceptions surrounding OCD, and the crucial role of neuro-diversity in shaping our evolving world.

On a mission to bridge the generational mental health gap, fostering understanding and support between leaders and the younger generations, particularly millennials and Gen-Z, Shaun has dedicated himself to creating a haven and providing mentorship to countless young individuals, especially those from diverse and economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Audiences consistently describe Shaun's presentations as captivating, transformative, and life-changing. In the words of Carl Jung, "No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell." In the case of Shaun Flores, his ability to evoke emotion and propose solutions leaves an indelible mark where audience members are inspired and empowered to embrace change.

Shaun Flores

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