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Simon Preston

Specialisms: Neurodiversity inclusion

Simon is a dedicated and experienced educational leader with a deep commitment to neurodiversity inclusion and improving the workplace experiences of all teachers.

With a strong background in teaching, educational leadership, and management, Simon has spent over two decades honing his skills and knowledge in this field.

His passion for neurodiversity inclusion led him to pursue an MBA in Educational Leadership and Management, which he completed with distinction in 2022. This experience not only enhanced his leadership skills but also deepened his understanding of effective management strategies within an educational context.

Driven by his desire to make meaningful contributions to the field, Simon is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Education at Oxford Brookes University. His research focuses on exploring how educational leadership, management, and administration impact the lived experiences of neurodivergent teachers when compared to their neurotypical peers.

By shedding light on this topic, Simon hopes to drive positive change in educational settings and advocate for the needs and experiences of neurodivergent individuals.

Simon is passionate about driving change and fostering inclusive environments where every student and teacher can thrive.

Simon Preston

+44 208 123 8250


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