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Steve Loft

Specialisms: Mental health and Wellbeing in the workplace, living with Mental Illness, Stress Management and Anxiety

Steve Loft is a mental health advocate, speaker, trainer and facilitator.

Following his own struggles with mental health in the workplace, he was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

On return to work after a lengthy absence, Steve set up an award-winning mental health peer support group at the large transportation company where he worked; he was also invited to workshops at Downing Street which helped develop the Government report “Thriving at Work”.

Steve now freelances, but still has time to volunteer for the Time to Change movement, Action for Happiness and Frazzled Cafe because he is passionate about helping and supporting others through education and empathy, and also breaking the stigma and discrimination that exists around mental health – especially at work.

Steve is from the “baby boomer” generation and likes to reach this audience because he feels it is this age group of people in the workplace, who, if they open up more and also support others, are best placed to help create happier, healthier and more productive organisational cultures.   

Steve Loft

+44 208 123 8250


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