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Vie Portland

Specialisms: Inclusion. Disability. Hidden disabilities. Confidence and self-esteem. Building confidence in women, children and young people. Overcoming trauma and adversity. Mental health.

As well as being a public speaker, Vie is a confidence coach, an author of inclusive children's books, a best-selling author of positive growth books for women, and an award winning workshop facilitator.

Vie hasn't always been who she is now. In fact, Vie never thought "someone like her" could ever possibly be who she is now. Thankfully, younger Vie was wrong.

Overcoming a childhood of abuse and neglect, then going into abusive relationships as an adult, as well as being born with a rare disability that no-one cared enough to get diagnosed, Vie is now thriving through surviving.

Vie now uses her lived and academic experience to teach children, young people, and women, how to feel great about themselves, through talks, one to one coaching, and through workshops.

She talks about her lived experience of living with a rare disability and hidden disabilities.

She has also worked with small businesses to show them ways they can be more inclusive of physical and mental disabilities, as well as being a good ally to other marginalised groups.

Vie is proud to have been named as one of the Small Business Britain f:Entrepreneur 100 most inspirational women of 2024.

Vie Portland

+44 208 123 8250


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