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Finding Connection On Great Mental Health Day

We are so excited to be partnering with Messages of Hope to support ThriveLDN and Mayor of London Great Mental Health Day.

For the last couple of months we have been working with the amazing Beth Evans, founder of Messages of Hope, Nick Cooke, Cinematographer and Editor Linda Cairns to producer a really powerful and thoughtprovoking short film.

We filmed across three days in central London; people young and old were invited to write a message of hope for someone who may be finding things difficult.

Connections film features dancers who display their message through movement. A sold-out free screening of the film is taking place in the evening of Great Mental Health Day at City Lit, an adult education college in Holborn, central London.

Watch Connections - a short film by Messages of Hope and Speakers Collective

Speaking about the film, Beth Evans, founder of Messages of Hope, said:

“Connections explores how we can find hope through connection. We set out to capture Londoners writing messages of hope for people struggling with their mental health and we discovered just how connected we truly are. Connections is proof that somebody out there really does care about you. None of us are alone.”

Great Mental Health Day is all about getting everyone talking about mental health and wellbeing.

Jon Salmon, Speakers Collective Co-CEO, and Executive Producer of Connections film said;

"It was wonderful to see 100s of people come together, writting Messages of Hope, and we are so proud for Speakers Collective to support this project."

The Making of Connections for Great Mental Health Day 2024

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: 

“I am delighted to support Thrive LDN’s Great Mental Health Day, and encourage Londoners to get involved in the hundreds of free events that are taking place all over the capital.

Messages of Hope at CityLit Gallery

City Lit, an adult education college in Holborn, central London and to mark the launch they gifted their exhibition space.

For one week only you will be able to view still images taken by photographer Meg Ellis during the making of the film and write your own messages of hope

You can visit the gallery for free from Friday, 26 January to Monday, 5 February 2024 at CityLit.

Professor Kevin Fenton, London’s regional public health director, encouraged Londoners to join in. Saying Great Mental Health Day was a chance “to come together as a city to support each other on our mental health and wellbeing… Connecting with people in our neighbourhood and across the city in different ways, to share experiences.”

Commenting on Great Mental Health Day, Dan Barrett, Thrive LDN director, added: “The day provides an opportunity to spotlight the great local support services that are available. It’s a chance to celebrate and keep learning from the community and grassroots projects who in recent years have played a vital role in supporting the wellbeing of the communities which they support.

More information about Great Mental Health Day and Messages of Hope

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