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New Year Social Media Boundaries

Let’s be honest, New Year can mean New Hustle and New Noise when it comes to social media.

Whether it’s tips for goal setting or identifying THAT word for ’24, even the non-salesy well-meaning posts can feel overwhelming!

I know that for some, stepping away from social media for certain periods or all together has been a game changer for their mental health and productivity.

I’d personally like the best of both worlds, I value my interactions on Linkedin, being able to share learnings and show what I'm all about 😊

It doesn't have to be all or nothing!

It's a bit like how I interact with the user-friendly enjoyable book How to break up with your phone, a 30 day plan.

I've enjoyed reading it and learned some helpful tips without going cold turkey, good to know it's on hand too.

I don't need to break up with my phone but we do need a courageous conversation - Emma

A word for 2024

My first reaction to everyone sharing their chosen word for the new year on Linkedin was 'Oh no not another word for the NY post, enough already 😂

But when I stepped away from all the noise and let my brain do its thing, which is usually when I'm out walking, I found one word jumped out at me...

How does the word 'intentional' resonate with you?

Intentional - a definition

Intentional - Done or made or performed with purpose and intent

It's funny that lots of the dictionary examples I came across were negative, like “Intended wrongdoing and harm".

Just like when I think of the phrase 'on purpose' I picture me as a kid with my sisters and one of us complaining 'she did it on purpose' 😂

I'm going with the positive version and as a recovering People Pleaser and Overthinker it’s going to guide me so that I put my energy into making decisions according to my values and goals, not just my fears.

And not surprising the the area that shouted out to me big time is how I interact with social media, Linkedin being my drug of choice!

Where to begin?

Not being on auto-pilot for starters to avoid getting sucked in by all the noise. In fact I decided to not dive in and post on Linkedin the first working day after New Year’s day for that reason.

Being intentional on social media

To be more mindful, I created my own NY social media boundaries…

  • Recognise the noise and hustle for what it is. Instead of FOMO (fear of missing out), how about a bit more JOMO (joy of missing out)? Just because everyone else is doing 'it', doesn't mean their 'it is right for me or my role.

  • Notice where & how you most get sucked in to identify your priorities. I'm choosing to post after 8.30am so it's after I've eased into my day

  • It's good to experiment - try out one or two specific boundaries. I'm pretty good at not looking at LI after 9pm but can get sucked into WhatsApp groups, so after 9pm I will only engage with my kids if they message me, that feels do-able.

  • Pause before: opening the app, commenting, angsting, scrolling etc…which leads me to the catchy message Stroll not scroll! Thanks Paul McGee - The SUMO Guy for that one.

  • Engage according to your values not your urges & fears!

And that of course leads me back to the overall point of being more intentional overall. Are you managing social media or is it managing you?

Happy boundary setting, what small step can you take to manage social media so it isn't managing you?!


About Emma Saccomani & the Speakers Collective

Emma Saccomani is a Learning and Development professional with 25 years in the corporate world I deliver evidence-based/informed training (including Mental Health First Aid) and customise training options according to the roles, responsibilities and operational challenges.

The Speakers Collective is a Social Enterprise. We work together with a shared commitment to challenge stigma, facilitate important conversations and promote learning on a variety of social issues. Please do contact us via or call 020 8123 8250 with any enquiries.

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