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Support Find Your Fabulous Confidence Boosting Book Kickstarter

Vie Portland is a member of Speakers Collective and we are proud to be supporting the kickstarter campaign for a children's book on boosting confidence for young children.

I have been working with children and young people for a long time, and reading to and with them has always been a part of that.

When I showed people my first two children's books, and they loved them, it was wonderful! To see them published, to receive the reviews, and to be told that some children felt represented for the first time, was incredible! 

With my CIC, VieNess Discover You Love You CIC, I teach self-esteem and confidence to children young people, and women; sometimes, I use my books as part of the sessions with younger children, and lots of people have asked me to write a book based on those sessions.

So I have!

This picture book is all about boosting the confidence of children, the readers, and giving them tools to help them when they aren't feeling so good.

Your support on this would be ever so appreciated. Charlotte and I have some wonderful plans for creating this book, and we would love to have it become a reality.

Thank you!


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