The Value of Human Connection

March 23rd 2020 – the date when one of our most basic human needs became something to be feared. When Boris Johnson announced the first lockdown in the UK, and ordered people to stay at home, none of us had any idea just how much our lives would be changed.

The simple act of hugging a friend or family member became something of the past, and instead it was replaced by a laptop and a little known platform called ‘zoom.’

We were told to avoid touching each other and to cover our faces. We realised that human connection was to become a luxury that money couldn’t buy.

Now, as we emerge from the pandemic and as human connection can once again take place real life, how do we transition…and has the pandemic changed the way we connect and communicate forever?

Register Now 20th October Meaningful Conversation - The Value of Human Connection

Join me Laura Hearn, Simon Berger and Jonny Jacobs for a Meaningful Conversation on the value of human connection.

Date: Wednesday 20th October 2021 13:00 - 14:00