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The Value of Human Connection

March 23rd 2020 – the date when one of our most basic human needs became something to be feared. When Boris Johnson announced the first lockdown in the UK, and ordered people to stay at home, none of us had any idea just how much our lives would be changed.

The simple act of hugging a friend or family member became something of the past, and instead it was replaced by a laptop and a little known platform called ‘zoom.’

We were told to avoid touching each other and to cover our faces. We realised that human connection was to become a luxury that money couldn’t buy.

Now, as we emerge from the pandemic and as human connection can once again take place real life, how do we transition…and has the pandemic changed the way we connect and communicate forever?

Join me Laura Hearn, Simon Berger and Jonny Jacobs for a Meaningful Conversation on the value of human connection.

Date: Wednesday 20th October 2021 13:00 - 14:00

About Our Panel

Simon Berger

Simon has been working in the events and exhibitions industry for over 30 years, launching multiple event portfolios in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Simon is a serial investor in creative people and technologies over the past 10 years. He continues to both mentor and invest in innovative and disruptive entrepreneurs and lends his support to multiple charitable organisations.

Simon is also a Founding Partner of Millennial 20/20, Christmas In July and owner of IM2 Events, renowned exhibition and conference organisers specialising in creative events for the business to business sector. Simon's ultimate goal is to ensure that 'entrepreneurialism' is made a compulsory part of the global education curriculum to ensure that innovation and disruption sustainably evolves long into the future.

Jonny Jacobs

Jonny is an award-winning Finance professional who feels passionately about the role of mental wellbeing in the workplace. As a kid growing up facing life's tough realities, Jonny's powerful story was a catalyst to champion the importance of mental fitness in the workplace and beyond.

Prior to his current position as a Finance Director at Starbucks, Jonny was Strategy & Transformation Director at pladis, the global snacking business which brings together iconic brands including McVitie's and Godiva. As the Executive Board sponsor for Mental Health, he led the Employee Mental Health & Wellbeing initiative, which led to the national "Let's Talk" partnership between McVitie's and mental health charity, Mind.

Laura Hearn

Laura is a journalist, storyteller and mental health advocate and the founder of the globally recognised online art blog 'Jiggsy.' Laura regularly speaks about her experience in the workplace and of recovery from an eating disorder, and how she learnt to heal after spending 8 months in an inpatient treatment centre in the US.

As a mental health advocate, Laura trains leaders in mental health awareness and advises organisations on their mental health strategies. Laura delivers keynotes on mental health, and coaches leaders on the value of adapting their organisations to retain staff, avoid long term absences and ultimately create productive working environments.

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