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Becoming a motivational speaker and sharing my story

At 14, I endured life-altering burns. Some 30 years later, a friend said:, "You’re the most confident and outgoing person I know." The gap between these two moments encapsulates my world – a complex tapestry of lived experiences, internal struggles and profound emotional growth. 

My friend’s comment prompted me to reflect on the journey I’ve made between these two points in my life. I have never shied away from talking about my accident but it wasn’t something that I dwelt on either. 

However, I have now realised that the lessons I have learned could serve to help others in many spheres of life. After a lifetime of telling other people’s stories, my own experiences now play a central role in what I wish to communicate.  

My story

My story transcends my five-year battle for survival and my subsequent fight to reclaim my dignity and independence. It is just as much about my refusal to settle for a mundane existence; instead I’ve been a passionate go-getter determined to live life to the full.

On a physical level, this was exemplified very directly in my recovery. With burns such as mine, there is often a need to wear rings around your neck to stop the cords tightening.

Without these, you might end up looking down at your feet on a permanent basis. In my case, I barely needed them - from the very start, I was determined to keep my head up, to look upwards and outwards – a physical manifestation of my curiosity and thirst for life. 

Self-care and the importance of community

In the last few years, I have found myself reflecting deeply on what really matters in life. I've come to realise that self-care is all-important and must precede caring for others. And, although I’ve always been driven by the desire to help others, I now know that – to be truly purposeful and useful – I needed to don my own oxygen mask before extending a hand to others.

My friends have witnessed my resilience up close. “It’s like he’s living life for the second time,” a family friend once remarked to my mother.

And many have urged me to share my experience, tell others about the strategies I’ve adopted and the strength I’ve found within. Sometimes the pressure to tell my story was almost overwhelming yet, somehow, I just wasn’t ready. 

Until, suddenly, I was. 

After a lifetime focused on telling other people’s stories, I’m now ready to tell my own. 

The latest chapter

My accident forced me to confront my inner self from a very early age. Not many people get this opportunity and it led to a journey of self-discovery has profoundly shaped my outlook on life. Instead of fleeing from trauma, I embraced life head-on, seeking to reconcile myself with the universe.

“You see Marc, and you pity him, but you get to know him and you love him.” A friend, a well-known figure, shared these words with a group of us once, leaving an indelible mark on my mind. This sentiment not only warmed my heart but also prompted me to think deeply about superficial values, social judgements and how misplaced much of our thinking about well-being can be. 

What became clear to me was the importance of community. I do not stand alone and I’m not alone on my journey. My accident had a huge impact on a lot of people: my mother (who gave up work to care for me), my family, my friends, my school, my local community. I also owe so much to the incredible support I've received over the years. 

The synergy of taking responsibility for my own well-being while also being nurtured by a compassionate community is immensely powerful and is at the core of everything I stand for. At first, I did feel sorry for myself but I soon rallied. It has taken me a long time to work out why this is, to distil the elements that have made it possible for me to tackle life head-on with such confidence and self-resilience.

The nurturing environment that I was surrounded by allowed me to cultivate an authentic self. Empathy and compassion coupled with individual and collective resilience, formed the cornerstone of my community. I strongly believe that many of us have lost touch with our individual authenticity and no longer see the transformative potential of genuine human connection. 

Through sharing my story, I hope to guide people – whether that’s through schools, businesses, charities, NHS trusts, and organisations – towards a more fulfilling path, where we can all embrace who we are and support each other through life's highs and lows.

Thank you

Thank you for investing your valuable time in me. If you or anyone you know may be interested in booking me to speak, please don't hesitate to get in touch. My door is always open for a chat, podcast appearance, or panel participation.


About Marc Convey & the Speakers Collective

If you are interested in Marc Convey speaking at an event please contact us at or call 020 8123 8250 with any enquiries.

Speakers Collective is a Social Enterprise. We work together with a shared commitment to challenge stigma, facilitate important conversations and promote learning on a variety of social issues.

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