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Andrew Grundell

Specialisms: Parental mental health, living with children with OCD, Eating disorders & sleep problems.  Navigating CAMHS & the EHCP process, transition from CAMHS to CMHT.

Andrew didn’t ever expect to step into the Mental Health arena: but over recent years his family has journeyed through anxiety, depression, OCD, eating disorders, self-harm, suicidal ideation, attempted suicides, sectioning, PTSD and dealing with both CAMHS & CMHT.  Struggling with social anxiety and depression as a direct result of his family’s traumatic experiences.  


This gives him a unique and powerful insight and perspective into not only Mental Ill Health but also the Model and system that we use to treat and engage with sufferers.  Out of this was born a passion to raise awareness, break down the Walls Of Shame & Stigma that surround mental ill-health and campaign to improve the way we talk about, engage with and treat mental ill-health. He has spoken widely including TEDx Sherborne. 

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