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Lauren Silver 

Specialisms: Play Well, Wellbeing, Workshops, Anxiety, Mental Health in the Workplace

Lauren is an award-winning actor and jolly-anxious clown. She creates work that is charming, joyful and gets to the heart of who we are as people. Her work has played in national and international venues including London’s Vaudeville Theatre, Sydney Opera House, Liverpool Everyman/Playhouse, Edinburgh Fringe and the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts.

She is also the founder of PlayWell and works with local communities and global companies to promote positive health and wellbeing through playful and engaging programmes.
From fun and interactive workshops to immersive productions, she has developed the ‘Shared Play’ method of working – an energising person-centred approach focused on the importance of curiosity and empathy.

Having personally experienced the challenges that surround ill-mental health including anxiety and OCD, Lauren is passionate about helping people to support each other better.

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