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Debra Croft

Specialisms: Empowering young people, Education, Learning (formal &informal) E&D, Mentoring, Coaching

Debra is a freelance talker, trainer, teacher, and founder of Cr:EECK. She is driven by opportunities to help young people get to where they want to be; and figuring out what that is, including a cracking “Hints and Tips for Apps and Ints” session. Until 2019, she was Director of the Centre for Widening Participation and Social Inclusion for Aberystwyth University and (2015-2018) Director of Equality. She has more than 10 years expertise in working with young carers, care experienced, care-leavers and those with no family support within the education system.


Debra is interested in the key transitions between stages of education and helping students, teachers, other professionals and parents/guardians in negotiating these changes.  She has a PhD from the University of London (Royal Holloway), a PGCE in Teaching and Learning post 16, is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and is a “Coach for Performance” in Education and Business.

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