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Andy Bishop

Specialisms: Living with mental illness, mental health in the workplace

Andy Bishop is the founder of ‘ManGang UK’, a peer support group supporting men through any troubling times.  Andy skilfully combines his expertise in Health and Safety with his passion for helping people thrive.
Andy spent 22 years in the British Army, specialising in explosive demolition, counter-terrorist search, air support operations, training, and construction.

Frequently found operating in high threat, high-pressure environments across the world he developed several coping strategies, some healthy, others not so much. 


He also had a secret. Andy wore a mask every day because ‘mental ill health didn’t happen to men like him’. The biggest threat that Andy faced in his life was himself.


Andy’s talks centre on his experiences with Bipolar Affective Disorder, Life After Suicide and Workplace Stress. 


Andy has a wealth of experience speaking to audiences from all walks of life, industries and locations.

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