Andrew Pain

Specialisms: Burnout, Mental Health, Domestic Abuse, Critical Decision Making, Imposter Syndrome

Andrew is on a mission to prevent burnout and create decisive and resilient communities of people. He is a TEDx and keynote speaker, an accredited coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Working with organisations including; Amazon, Lloyds, Gloucestershire County Council, Birmingham City University, Federation of Small Businesses, Chartered Institute of Marketing, Public Health Wales, Andrew serves two distinct niches:

1) Leadership (wellbeing and talent development). Talking about: how to make critical decisions, how to avoid burnout (so work/life balance is a reality not a utopia), how to delegate and how to get more done.

2) Domestic abuse and gender unity: as a lived-experience survivor of domestic abuse, Andrew talks about: gender bias, gaslighting, parental alienation, why people stay, what life is like in abuse as a male survivor, what life is like after abuse and how to foster a society where men and women are encouraged to speak out without fear of being belittled, disbelieved or ignored.

Andrew is a father of 5 (with 3 boys under 10, which means his step count is never less than 15K per day on his fitbit). He is the trustee of a charity which serves families where parents are the victims of domestic abuse and the children are the perpetrators. He is also a fundraising lead for a local Midlands charity, serving those in financial crisis.

Andrew Pain

+44 208 123 8250