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Emi Howe

Specialisms: Body Confidence, Wellbeing and Workplace, Digital Wellbeing

Emi is a Digital Wellbeing Specialist, author of The Body Hoax and a TEDx speaker.


She is passionate about unpicking our digital lives, how we use technology and the impact it has on our wellbeing. Emi talks frankly in the workplace about our online health and body image.


Her work aims to raise the importance of more subtle health markers - beyond the strong cultural focus of health being about food and exercise: "We need to spotlight how we think and feel about ourselves, our lives and our bodies as these things play a major role in our health and actually influence our more traditional health choices and behaviours". 

Emi has campaigned against the use of idealistic imagery in advertising, responds with evidence to official reports and draws on her experience and research to help people achieve healthy real values and expectations. She has also developed a primary school curriculum addressing body image and digital skills.

Emi was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer in 2012 and had four subsequent body-changing surgeries. She speaks about her experience, raising awareness in the workplace and shares how to offer support. 

Emi Howe

+44 208 123 8250


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