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Finlay Games

Specialisms: LGBTQ, Transgender, Mental Health, Content Creator, Life Coach and Mentor

Finlay Games is a transgender gay man, with a passion for sharing honest, firsthand experiences, of gender transition, recovery, and mental health.

In 2011 under the name, ‘FinnTheInFinncible’ Finlay began documenting his gender transition and recovery story via his YouTube channel and accompanying blog.


In the years since, Finlay has spoken at several events, including the Open University s first TEDx event, ‘Imagine What’s Next’. As an engaging and highly sought-after speaker, Finlay aims to provide information, raise awareness, and challenge stigma around the complex topics of gender, sexuality, addiction, and mental illness.  

Finlay has also written for many publications and has recently published his first memoir, ‘Top to Bottom – A Memoir and Personal Guide Through Phalloplasty’.


His book is the first to document the entire surgical and emotional process of phalloplasty, from the perspective of one trans man.  He is currently working on his second book, an anthology of firsthand stories of mental health experiences from a transgender perspective. Both books are published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

After graduating with a BA Hons first degree from The Open University, Finlay now also provides information and support, in his work as a life coach and mentor for transgender people.


When he isn’t busy trying to change the world to a better place, Finlay can be found dancing in the muddy fields of Glastonbury Festival or ambling along the Devon coast.

Finlay Games

+44 208 123 8250


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