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Maike Mullenders

Specialisms: Bereavement by suicide, Mental Health, Importance of boundaries, Growing up with a parent with mental health issues, Learning to let go

I work as a yoga teacher but am first and foremost a mother of three. I volunteer for SOBS (Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide), heading up their Reigate Support Group.

After working for ten years as an actress I proceeded to train as a Relate counsellor supporting couples and young people. Going on to work for NAPAC (National Association for People Abused in Childhood) and Witness Against Abuse by Health and Social Care Workers.

My personal highlight has been finally having the courage to tell my own story; living with a father with undiagnosed mental health issues who went on to take his own life. Leaving behind a confession for the police saying he had abused me, something I had no memory of.

Having spent years trying to find balance in my life after these traumatic events, it was through therapy and yoga that I was able to move forward. Having my story published by Mirror Books in June 2023 felt like a way to use my own experience to support others.

Maike Mullenders

+44 208 123 8250


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