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Exciting News: Speakers Collective Partners with Access Bliss for Enhanced Accessibility

At Speakers Collective, we strive to ensure that everything we do is accessible and that's why we're thrilled to announce our partnership with Access Bliss.

Access Bliss is a leading social media consultancy dedicated to promoting accessibility in digital spaces.

Our collaboration with Access Bliss has already created really positive results, with their support on various campaigns such as Time To Talk Day and Meaningful Conversations. As we are in our sixth year the team is also shaping our long-term social strategy and ensuring our content is accessible to all.

Chandy Green, the founder of Access Bliss, shared his excitement about the partnership, saying,

"At Access Bliss, we believe that accessibility is not just a checkbox—it's a fundamental aspect of creating a truly inclusive online community. We're thrilled to partner with Speakers Collective to help elevate their commitment to accessibility and ensure that their content reaches and resonates with every audience member."

Jo Emmerson, Co-CEO of Speakers Collective said,

"We're committed to fostering meaningful conversations and connecting with our audience in a way that's inclusive and accessible to everyone. Partnering with Access Bliss allows us to further this commitment and ensures our platforms remain welcoming and inclusive spaces for all."

Together with Access Bliss, we're excited to be working closely together to create a more accessible digital landscape and a future where accessibility isn't just a goal or strategy, but a reality for all.

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